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Blue Moon Harem – outstanding songwriting, musicianship and vocal talents!

Posted By: Rick Jamm Posted date: March 22, 2016in: ReviewsNo Comments

Blue Moon Harem delivers a coherent, bittersweet mixture of upbeat rock songs and meaningful, heart-warming ballads that are all epitomized by the outstanding songwriting, musicianship and vocal talents of this band. Right from the first chords of “Lie”, the passionate mid-tempo rocker, you’re hooked into this amazing sound that the band creates. It is as infectious as it is profound, with haunting acoustic-guitar work, thought-provoking lyrics, a catchy chorus and a stinging electric guitar solo by Demetri J.

Jonathan Bix puts so much emotion into this song that it is just tantalizing. When he starts singing from the start it touches you, then grabs you…and never let’s go. After hearing just one song, it is clear that Blue Moon Harem have a place all of its own in a crowded music industry.

And that this band has something very distinctive about them, becomes totally evident on the track “Finland”. The dictionary describes the meaning of substance as – the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience. This is exactly what you will hear with this song. Jonathan Bix, as a vocalist sings with power, clarity and definition.

His vocal lines are easily understood due to his excellent pronunciation of the words, making sure the song’s message reaches you on all levels.  When you first hear “Finland”, it sounds so familiar, like you’ve heard it before. Mesmerizing, captivating, catchy – these are words that readily come to mind when listening to this arrangement and execution.

This song has depth and you know it from just the way Blue Moon Harem play. Their music is obviously not manufactured by the so-called corporate rock machine. This band really clicks. I mean, they have great instrumentals, a singer with a great voice, and above all, a passionate undertone in all of their songs. It is clear that they not only enjoy what they do, but that their songs are important to them.

Blue Moon Harem’s indie rock tunes will undoubtedly satisfy many a listener’s hunger and thirst. And I’m curious to know why adult contemporary rock radio stations are not falling over their feet to playlist songs such as “Lie” and “Finland”. In fact I’m unsure as to why “Finland”, hasn’t found itself on the Billboard rock charts at some time or other. Is the corporate rock machine in awe, and in fear of indie?