Jonathan Bix~

Born in Brooklyn, NY, his family moved to the Midwest a few years later. By the age of five he started playing the violin. His first influence came from his Great Uncle, who bought him his first records - Glenn Campbell's Greatest Hits and Willie Nelson's Stardust, and also introduced him to Frank Sinatra. Just after moving to Texas at the age of ten, he discovered the Beatles and John Lennon via the song Imagine. This influenced his decision to switch to the guitar, and soon after he began writing music.

Since then, Bix has played with the bands Misguided YouthRiley Mix, and Requiem. In 1987, Bix toured China with Misguided Youth as the first American rock band to play there. The band was joined by a NBC film crew at their last show in China, and he was subsequently interviewed on the Today Show upon their return.

Bix's main musical influences include, but are not limited to; John Lennon & The BeatlesGlen Hansard (The Frames/The Swell Season)Marvin GayeU2Billy Joel, and Frank Sinatra...